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#Jahez Package J.484

Finding a perfect wedding furniture is not an easy task. And almost everyone is looking for furniture that looks presentable and fit in budget as well. And we understand that task I is a great hassle. At Labaik furniture We have a special offer where you can buy a complete dowry package of branded companies which Include 15 items. Our Exclusive Dowry Package no J. 484 includes

  • Quran Pak
  • Quran Box
  • Full-size prayer mate
  • Full-size double Bed
  • Two side tables
  • Dressing Table
  • Wardrobe/ Cupboard
  • Dining Showcase
  • Five seated Sofa
  • Full-size iron table
  • Towel holder
  • Mattress Foam full size
  • Center Table

All these items in Package J.484 are manufactured with high-quality wood and material ( fabric, cloth, and foam). We don’t compromise on the quality of our furniture and provide a full guarantee.

Terms and Conditions of Package J.484

Full Price

For J.484 customer package, only one package is booked for customers of full price 150800.

3 Sets Family Package

For J.484 Family package 3 sets are books with a 4% special discount.

6 Sets Family Package

For J.484 Special Family package 6 sets are booked for customers with an exclusive 6% discount.